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Minutes from Bedminster Flyers Annual Meeting

January 22-2020 Clarence Dillon Library


President Bobi Commer welcomed all attendees, with approximately 25 members present. Board

members were all present except Membership Director Irene Lieberman.

Officer Slate 2020; officer discussion 2021:

The current board members, President Bobi Commer, Treasurer Chris Herold, Event Coordinator Lynn

Tsuzuki, Membership Director Irene Lieberman & Secretary Thomas Kristjansen are all committed for

2020, however Bobi and Irene have expressed a desire to step down in 2021. The members present at

the annual meeting approved the “no change”.


Treasurer Report:

Treasurer Chris Herold presented the annual financial report, which looks much

improved over the previous few years.

Sponsorship income of $ 2,000.00, as well as an increase in membership dues collected totaling $

1,980.00, are the positive highlights. Thank you sponsors!

Expenses for Insurance, $ 895.00, Web site, $ 168.00, Events, $ 245.81, Accounting $ 195.00 & PO Box

Rental $ 174.00 totaled $ 2,080.52, giving us a positive difference of $ 1,899.48 for the year.

Our beginning checking account balance was $ 1,293.94, and the ending balance $ 3,193.42, for an

annual increase of $ 1,899.48.

Club Donations, 2019 & 2020:

Treasurer Chris reported no donations given for the year 2019.

It was discussed and decided by all members to make local donations for this year to the Peapack-

Gladstone and Far Hills-Bedminster Rescue Departments, as well as $ 100.00 to the Bedminster

Firehouse, for letting us hold our annual Winter Party at their facility.

Membership: Bobi Commer, on behalf of absent Director Irene Lieberman, reported that our current

membership total is 62.

Winter Party 2020:

Saturday March 14 th 6:30pm at the Far Hills-Bedminster Firehouse.

This year’s party marks our club 25 th anniversary. Lee & Gail are organizing historical memo’s pictures

etc. from the past 25 years, to post at the event. Members are encouraged to send material to Gail.


Miles for Matheny:

Last year, Matheny decided to change the startup time for the cycling event to 11am, which isn’t very

good for cyclists who are used to early morning starts for events. Attendance is assumed to be down

significantly, although we do not have actual numbers reported. This year’s event is scheduled for

Saturday June 13 th .

Lee will reach out to Matheny to inquire about their plans for this year. Our club

feels that the time we spend on our involvement with this event, for meetings, planning, road marking

etc. isn’t justified, unless Matheny is willing to listen to our concerns for start date & time, as few riders

will attend otherwise.

Deena has raised $ 100 from recycling club member health bar wrappers collected last year, and will

donate this amount to Matheny regardless of our participation with the event or not. Thank you, Deena!


Deena & Eric reported on participation for 2019. Our membership is now cancelled due to low

participation this time of the year, but the club feel the benefits from “Meet up” postings is worth the $

100 cost to re-join. It was decided to start up postings again by March 15 th 2020, 2 weeks prior to our

first official club ride of the year. It is encouraged that all club members sign up, as this will look enticing

to potential new riders who like to join established and organized ride events.


Webmaster Boyd is happy to take on this job again for 2020, but hope someone else who has a similar

interest/curiosity that prompted him to take it on initially, will step up and replace him in 2021. So

spread the word. It is the general consensus that our website looks good and functions well, so thanks

to Boyd for job well done.

Social Media:

Facebook seems to work well for most members to share events, news, photos etc. Keep posting


Bike Leader 101:

It seems we forgot to discuss this subject?

Club rides Monday & Wednesday:

It was decided to change it up a little this year, with Monday rides moving to Plukemin Park, while

Wednesday rides stay at the Natirar. Plukemin Park is located at the SW corner of Rt. 202/206 and Burnt

Mills Road, next to Bank of America. This start location gives more options for flat rides, which are

preferable for new riders and D-riders. The new Monday start will be implemented for April and May,

while evaluated before it’s decided if we’re to make this a permanent change or not.

To make sure all riders are signed up for each ride, it was decided that all Board members will have a

copy of the sign-up sheet, and will coordinate so that at least one Board member will attend and take

responsibility for the sign-up list to be completed.


Club Events/Summer Party:

Ed & Lynn Tsuzuki have graciously offered their back yard once again for this year’s Summer party, and

this was unanimously welcomed by all members present. The date for the event is set for Saturday

August 22 nd , with Sunday August 23 rd as the alternative “Rainout” day.


Deena posted a Winery ride in 2019 and will organize this again for 2020. Anticipated cost is $ 10 per



Angel posted a Pancake & Breakfast ride from the Firehouse in Califon in 2019, and will organize it again

for 2020.


Gail suggested a Friday Night club outing to the Trexlertown, PA. Velodrome. The club organized such

events in years past. No date was discussed for this yet.

Jerseys/club kits:

There are no current plans for re-ordering club Jerseys etc. but anyone interested in merchandise should

contact Bobi. Minimum order is only $ 250.00, so easy to reach.

Road Clean up:

Deena set a date of Saturday April 18 th for the Spring Road Clean up. More participation is wishful to

complete the task quicker. Please contact Deena for more information and

to participate.

Business cards:

Angel has printed good looking colorful club business cards for club

members to hand out to potential new riders.

The meeting concluded with Pizza, drinks and light clean up.


Minutes by Secretary Thomas Kristjansen and approved by the Board of Directors January 24 2020.

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