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Bedminster Flyers Annual Meeting 1/24/2019

Clarence Dillon Library Bedminster

Attendance 26 members.


President Bobi Commer welcomed everyone to the meeting on a very cold January night, with attendance better than

could have been hoped for.

Event Coordinator Maria Nadel, wished to resign from her board position, but otherwise the board remains unchanged

from 2018, with the following officers, and newly elected Event Coordinator Lynn Tsuzuki.


Treasurer report - Chris Herold.

Expenses 1/1/2018-12/31/2018

  •  Brochures $ 56.49

  •  Directors Insurance $ 575.00

  •  Liability Insurance $ 382.25

  •  Meet up subscriptions $ 59.94

  •  Meeting room rental $ 50.00

  •  Membership, League American Bicyclists $ 75.00

  •  Annual Parties & food for annual meeting $ 316.47

  •  Party supplies $ 66.29

  •  Donations $ 0

  •  Web Domain $ 119.97

  •  Web Site Hosting $ 155.00

  •  Post Office Box Rental $ 76.00

  • Total expenses $ 1,932.41


  •  Membership Dues. $ $ 1,510.00

Deficit $ $ 422,41

Checking account balance as of December 31, 2018 $ 1,293.93


Membership report – Irene Lieberman.

59 members have paid dues for 2018, which is up by a few new members compared to 2017.


Dues. It was suggested and approved (18 votes in favor) to raise annual membership fees by $ 5.00 to avoid having

another deficit for year 2019.

Miles for Matheny 2018.

The club is looking for volunteers to spearhead this wonderful event, but John Kinsey and Jack Reeves has accepted the

challenge once again for this year’s event.

The date for this event is not decided yet, but will likely be held on Saturday June 8th or Sunday June 9th, featuring 5

different routes and distances: Hills of Attrition, 50K, 35K, 25K & 10K.

The club needs 6-7 teams consisting of two people each for the Road markings. Two teams each for the Hills and the 50K

course, and 1 team each for the 35K, 25K & 10K routes. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be posted at the annual Winter

Party March 2nd .

Road route markings will be one week prior to the actual event.

Ride Leader 101 Gail Cookson.

Gail Cookson will post the guidelines on our website for interested ride leaders, and if the demand is there for a class,

Gail is willing to teach. The past few years, the class attendance has been very low.

D Rides.

Due to many past years D-riders, now riding more like C-riders, Steven Lieberman and Bobi Comer will alternate to lead

a pure D-ride group (Intro ride) on the 2 nd and 4 th Monday of each month. Beginners are encouraged to start up, joining

these rides, while more experienced D-riders can still expect to have ride leaders Each Monday and Wednesday at a

slightly faster pace as they now prefer.

Meet up – Deena Roberts.

Not many used it in 2018 and we didn’t get any new members from it. We still believe this can be a good avenue to

recruit new members as other clubs succeed with it. We need to be more active posting rides for people to join, even

just post our weekly rides or occasional week end rides as events so people become aware. We signed up at a limited

level for 2018, $ 10 per month, and agreed to increase this to the unlimited level, which is $ 15 per month. Eric and Eboo

agreed to co-ordinate with Deena to post regular rides and hopefully attract new members.

Adopt a Road.

Clean up of roadsides on Lamington Road between Rt. 206 and Larger Cross Rd., 3 times annually, usually April, Summer

and October. Boyd Mathews has taken charge of this for many years, and would like to pass it on now. Deena Roberts

volunteered to take over. We need sign up sheets for volunteers at Winter Party March 2 nd , or contact to volunteer now.

Website – Calendar of events. Boyd says, few look at our website calendar, but that we did get a few new members

from it in the past year.

Website/Facebook/Social Media.

Gail Cookson will post regular rides as “Events” in an attempt to attract more new riders.

Jerseys. There seems to be general interest in designing and offering Club Jerseys to our members, and perhaps

generate a little income as well. Angel Garcia volunteered to spearhead this project.

Marc Rothenberg, Bobi Commer and Tom Curnin, all expressed interest in being sponsors for the Club Jerseys, in return

for getting their company names printed on these.


Winter Party.

Saturday March 2 nd , 6:30pm at the Far Hills-Bedminster Fire House. 55 Miller Lane in Bedminster. It was suggested

during the annual meeting that we could ask for a $ 5 admission fee, but this was declined in favor of raising annual

membership fees instead.

Summer Party.

Ed & Lynn Tsuzuki graciously volunteered their house and back yard once again, with the event expected to be on

Saturday 8/17 or 8/24, with Sunday 8/18 or 8/25 as a rainy day back up. More details will be announced later.

Club Events & Additional Rides

Encourage members to post week end rides on Facebook and Meet up to attract possible new members.

The first official club ride of 2019 will be Monday April 1st at 5:30pm. Wear club Jerseys for photography!


Thomas Kristjansen