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Our first activity of the year is a party, usually held between early February and mid-March. At one of the earlier parties at the Pottersville Fire House the building lost power and we held the party in candlelight — candles have been a tradition ever since. The party has occasionally seen guests from Matheny & our first-level sponsors mingling with the members.

There’s no cost to attend to the party. Although not required, we suggest attendees bring the following:

  • An appetizer, main dish, or dessert to share (one to a family is fine).

  • Alcoholic beverage of your choice (the Club supplies soft drinks and water).

  • A filled-out BFCC membership application along with the appropriate fee (cash or check is accepted, but not credit cards). For those that forget, we usually have membership forms at the party.


The 2016 Winter Party

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