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Club rules


  • Each rider must be a current Club member or a first-time guest. After a guest’s first ride, s/he must become a member to continue riding with the Club.

  • The Ride Leader has the right to remove any rider who presents a risk to the group. S/he will offer the rider a “way-home” route.

  • The Club will ban riders who repeatedly exhibit unsafe behavior or do not adhere to Club rules.

Prior to Ride:

  • Each rider must sign the sign-in sheet/waiver.

  • Riders under 18 years old must have a parent complete and sign the Minor Release section of the sign-in sheet.

  • Ride leaders announce the pace and terrain of their ride; they do not supply cue sheets.

  • Riders should not join a ride beyond their capabilities.

During Ride:

  • Helmets are required.

  • Obey NJ traffic laws as found on the NJ DOT website.

  • Headphones cannot be worn – whether being used or not.

  • Telephones or similar electronic devices cannot be used while riding.

  • Aerobars may not be used on Club rides.

  • Carry obvious identification, such as a Road ID.

  • Carry emergency contact information that is accessible to others, such as ICE (In Case of Emergency) information on an unlocked cell phone.

  • Stay with and follow the ride leader’s instructions.

  • Call out hazards such as debris, grates, potholes & animals.

  • Call out cars, runners & pedestrians and give them a wide berth.

  • Do not endanger other riders. Signal/call out your intentions re: passing, turning, stopping.

  • Ride in a safe & courteous manner.

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We have rides on Monday and Wednesday evenings, from April through September, starting from Natirar, at 2 Main St. in Peapack. New for 2015, D-level & new cyclist rides are held concurrently at the same location. Beginner rides are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. All rides regroup as needed. The D-level ride may have a rest stop.


Email the D-ride Coordinator to be placed on our confidential New Member D/D+ Ride e-mail list – or with any questions relating to the D or D+ rides.


Ride levels and average speeds are shown here.

  • We ride on paved roads. Road bikes are recommended & preferred, but we do have riders using tri-bikes, hybrids, and even a recumbent.

  • Rides start at 5:30pm in April, at 6:00pm from May through August, and at 5:30pm from September through the end of the season.

  • Rides usually end before dusk.

To ride with the Club on Mondays, Wednesdays, or on other Club-promoted rides, you must be a member.

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